November 16th, 2018

Supercomputing 2018, Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center, Dallas, TX

Room D171/173

Papers can be found at the SC18 Workshop Conferences web site.

Workshop questions can be asked online at the following site for Session 1 and Session 2.

There will be two sessions of four papers each. Each presenter will have 15 minutes and after each session the speakers will answer questions in a panel format which lasts 20 minutes. Please hold your questions for the panel.

08:30 - 08:40 Welcome, Rob Neely [slides]

08:40 - 10:00 Session 1, Chair CJ Newburn

1.1 High-Performance Molecular Dynamics Simulation for Biological and Materials Sciences: Challenges of Performance Portability: Sedova, Eblen, Budiardja, Tharrington, Smith [slides]

1.2 An Empirical Roofline Methodology for Quantitatively Assessing Performance Portability: Yang, Gayatri, Kurth, Basu, Ronaghi, Adetokunbo, Friesen, Cook, Doerfler, Oliker, Deslippe, Williams [slides]

1.3 Effective Performance Portability: Harrell, Kitson, Bird, Pennycook, Sewall, Jacobsen, Asanza, Hsu, Cabada, Kim, Robey [slides]

1.4 Evaluating the Impact of Proposed OpenMP 5.0 Features on Performance, Portability and Productivity: Pennycook, Sewall, Hammond [slides]

Session 1 Author Questions & Panel Discussion (20 min.)

10:00 - 10:30 Break

10:30 - 11:50 Session 2, Chair Jason Sewall

2.1 Performance Portability of an Unstructured Hydrodynamics Mini-application: Law, Kevis, Powell, Dickson, Maheswaran, Herdman, Jarvis [slides]

2.2 Performance Portability Challenges for Fortran Applications: Hsu, Neill, Schoonover, Jibben, Carlson, Robey [slides]

2.3 Delivering Performance-Portable Stencil Computations on CPUs and GPUs Using Bricks: Zhao, Williams, Hall, Johansen [slides]

2.4 Heterogeneous CPU-GPU Execution of Stencil Applications: Siklosi, Reguly, Mudalige [slides]

Session 2 Author Questions & Panel Discussion (20 min.)

11:50 - 12:00 Community discussion and next-steps, Doug Doerfler [slides]